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You are viewing the portfolio of user experience designer Peter Pryputniewicz. Peter has been a user interface and graphic designer for over 20 years, contracting on projects for clients such as Chevron, Seagate, Krav Maga SF, and Hard Rock Cafe. Currently, he is the Art Director for Bently Enterprises , a set of family owned businesses based in both California and Nevada. He leads a team of graphic designers, front end developers, computer scientists and project managers to support multiple businesses.

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Image of A story that hasn’t been written yet
A story that hasn’t been written yet

Fortified with bagels, a potbelly stove and a dwindling stash of firewood, this intrepid seabird seems to be eagerly anticipating his return to the coast.

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Guide sketch for graphic designer

Sketch to help guide UI re-skinning work by a contract graphic designer.